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Dear Health Fund Participants,

The trustees of the NJ BAC Health Fund continually monitor the financial stability of the plan to ensure that the plan will continue to provide these important benefits well into the future. The intent and goal is to provide the highest level of quality coverage while maintaining adequate reserve.

The following are examples of the improvements the trustees have made to the plan.

Chiropractic Visits - Increased from 10 visits per family/year to 20 visits per family/year, paid $30.00/visit.

Emergency Room Visits - Increased from 3 per family/year to unlimited visits per family/year • $75.00 co-pay/visit.

Death Benefit - Increased $1,000 actives & $500 retiree, spouses and dependent children to $5,000 actives and $1,000 retiree, spouse and dependent children.

Physical Exam Benefit - Increase from $200.00 per family/year to $200.00 per person/year.

Dental Benefit - Increased from $1,750.00 per family/year to $2,500.00 per family/year.

Prescription Drug Benefit - Increased from $3,500.00 per family/year to $4,000.00 per family/year.

With the knowledge of growing financial burden on our Medicare retirees, the trustees have not increased the premium for a supplemental plan to Medicare for the last three years. We as BAC/ADC union members are very fortunate to have a healthy selffunded plan, and up until this recent economic slowdown, an abundance of work which has afforded the Trustees the opportunity for the aforementioned improvements to the plan. The Trustees will continue to monitor the developments in the health care industry as well as the economic outlook as to how it effects our industry and address any problems as they arise to ensure a continued high level of coverage for our members and their families.


Please remember it is your responsibility to notify the NJ BAC Health Fund office of any changes in status regarding you and your family. Examples: births, divorce, retirement, dependents entering college after age 19 and dependents getting married.


Horizon BC/BS has terminated their agreement with laboratory service provider, Quest Diagnostics on May, 1, 2007. Effective May 1, 2007 Lab Corp will be the only provider for laboratory services for our members in New Jersey.

Medical Forms:

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Medical / Vision Form

Dental Form

RX Information Form 1

RX Information Form 2

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Why You Should Join BAC

Since 1865, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers has recruited, trained, educated, represented, and supplied the most professional trowel trades workers in North America. Here in New Jersey, our members are represented by the BAC Administrative District Council and its’ Locals 2,4,5. Listed here are some of the reasons trowel trades workers throughout our jurisdiction have chosen to become members.


  • Training and certifications
  • Safe working conditions
  • Higher wages
  • Health Care
  • Retirement Security
  • Access to multiple employers
  • Full Time representation
  • Collectively Bargained conditions


How to Join BAC

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in a career in the BAC, feel free to contact us either through our website or any of the following phone numbers:

BAC/ADC NJ- 609-324-9681

BAC Local #4- 973-244-9962

BAC Local #5-609-324-0500



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