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Jan-Mar  Both Training Centers

Apprentices are practicing and learning skills at both training centers every Saturday through March. The sessions start at 7am and run like a normal work day. Members are always invited to stop by and any active members of either local are welcome to stop by to use the center during those training hours.

In addition, pre-job students are working M-F at both centers and active members are welcome anytime (please call ahead though to make sure there are no special trips outside of the center that day) to work on anything trade related*.

*welding is limited availability and by appointment only

PCC, OSHA, Respitory Fit Testing and Other Training

Classes are scheduled on a regular basis a few times strategically throughout the year. If you are interested in one of these classes contact your training center. Some instructional classes may already be posted on the calendar so you can view for more information including times and requirements.


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Dues Rates Effective Jan 1, 2015*

CraftworkersJourneyman Member $21.00

Apprentice Member $18.00

Residential Member $18.00

Mason Helper $18.00

Mason Tender $18.00

Retired Member $ 9.00

Disabled Member $ 7.15

Contractor Member $34.00


*At the IU Convention in 2010, a resolution was passed to increase monthly book dues by $1.00 per month in 2014, and $1.00 per month in 2015. The 2014 increase was absorbed by the ADC.


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