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Special Notice About This Site

BAC/ADC of NJ is in the process of making updates to this web presence!

The site is going to have the same look and feel but some augmented abilities behind the scenes as well as for our members. The new version is nearly ready but there may be a short break in availability while a host-transfer is made.
In the event the site is down for a short period of time you can still access information via our Bordentown and Fairfield locations via phone or our Social Media locations.

We appreciate your understanding as we add to our capabilities and make it easier to keep you informed. This message will be removed when the transfer is complete.



BAC IMI Apprentice Contest

BAC IMI Apprentice Contest

Recently apprentices from across the country competed at the John J. Flynn International Training Center in Bowie MD.

Video was captured during the day that showcases the projects and interviews influential parties from the IMI. To view the video use the link below.

IMI Apprentice Contest Video Link


Training Center Status Pages

Training Centers are OPEN for YOU!

The training centers have a new tool Training Center Status Indicatorto assist anyone attending a classes at either center. In the event the centers need to close due to weather or other emergency, members can now visit a web portal specific to each center to see the building status indicator in the form of a traffic light.

We know some of you travel great distances and this tool will help keep you informed.


The page is mobile friendly so it will easily adapt to a smart phone or tablet. It can be checked from any internet connected device.


The messages can be any of the following status: Open, Delayed Opening, Tentative (Check Back), Closed

In addition to the status light, a tailored message can be added to indicate a delayed opening or any other special information that the centers need to relay. We hope you bookmark the page for your center just in case you ever need it!


Each location has it own status page:

- Local 4 NJ is

- Local 5 NJ is



OSHA Violations


OSHA Violation Sighting

- These photos were taken Friday at the Joseph Brandt School in Hoboken, New Jersey by Carlos Crespo. The non-union contractor on the project is Punjab Restoration, LLC. - The Star-Ledger Hoboken Public Schools Hoboken Board of Education




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