Summer Quarter 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

By now everyone should be aware of the new 3 year Collective Bargaining Agreement. Let me assure you that in the economic times we live in, negotiations are not an enviable situation to be in. None the less, your BACNJ negotiating team listened to our members, protected and maintained our Union conditions, expanded our opportunities for jurisdictions, and increased our compensation in the 2nd and 3rd year of the contract. But trust me, it was not handed to us.


Some of the issues we had to protect were at the heart of our agreement. Foreman, Shop Stewards, apprentices, and ratios of New Jersey members on New Jersey jobs! The primary focus of our efforts was to craft an agreement that enabled us the greatest potential to get our members back to work. With the low level of competition we face in our industry, coupled with reduced amounts of our materials on jobs, we adopted an attitude of protecting our core principals and accepting that a wage increase at this time was not in our industries best interest. The fact of the matter is that what shows up on your year end W-2 is more important than the line item on our wage sheets. Having the levels of unemployment the Building Trades Unions have experienced over the last 4 years it is critical to get more members back to work at current wages than it is to increase income for those members who have been fortunate enough to have been employed. I am sure this approach does not make everyone happy, but this Union is still about representing ALL not a few.


I mentioned the expansion of jurisdictions within the new CBA. Your leadership team has reinforced our traditional jurisdictions that have been under assault by others for years. In addition, we have added to BAC’s ability to control our own destiny. Having listened to our employers for years describe competitive problems within our industry, we have now afforded them an opportunity to resolve those issues through the NJBAC. Change is never easy nor does it happen overnight, but it most certainly continues to happen.

If all of us within the Union and all of our employers fail to recognize that change is needed, plan for that change, and embrace that change, we will surely be left behind. A constant reminder of that’s sorely recognized by our plasterers is sheet rock.

Some of the other initiatives we continue to pursue to create jobs for our members are our ongoing marketing efforts; our legislative efforts to pass laws that help our members and enforce existing laws that protect our jobs. The New Jersey structural masonry coalition, with the support of IMI, continues to meet with architects, engineers, and everyone in the design community to provide resources that encourages the use of all of our products on as many projects as possible. 8 months after the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, we continue to try and convince government and agencies at all levels that there is a better way to rebuild.

The reconstruction of boardwalks as concrete promenades and seawalls is an important part of protecting our coast against the next storm. Under the direction of John Capo, collection efforts are improved making sure the money you earned is where it belongs, in your accounts! Additionally, I have reported at Union meetings that our funds office is close to launching online access to your hours reports. All of these efforts are driven by our commitment to creating opportunity for our members to go to work, to improve the overall BAC industry, to give full access and transparency, and to meet the needs of  our members and your families.

To that end, we will not rest.

Finally, I am happy to report on our annual golf outing. Through the hard work and dedication of our staff and the generosity of so many, NJBAC was able to give $25,000.00 to Diabetes Research and 3-$4,000.00 scholarships to our members children. That brings our totals to $240,000 to Diabetes and $84,000 in scholarships. This year’s scholarship winners were Morgan Gerety whose father is a member of Local #2, Gregory Michal whose father is a member of Local #5, and Stephen Fusaro whose father is a member of Local #5 as well. Congratulations to all of the winners and we wish them much success!

In solidarity,

Richard E. Tolson


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